Praise for Manthorpe Fabrication skills from major customer

Added 01.12.2017

We have received an important order for five Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engine stands. Manufacture is now well underway with the first assembly being due for delivery in October followed on by one a month for the next 4 months

At present we have one set of equipment that has been painted, one set ready for proof loading and are well on with the third set.

During the manufacturing process we have had several visits from the Rolls-Royce Senior Manufacturing Engineer and during his last visit he made the following comment, “We see varying levels of fabrications produced and I would like to pass on a comment for your employees that what I am seeing here on the work produced so far on the project is excellent fabrications”

This is a credit to all involved and we just need to keep up this good work to convince Rolls-Royce to make Manthorpe their first port of call when looking for fabricated products in the future.

We are now working towards trying to win the contract for the manufacture of the next generation of engine stands and are optimistic of our chances of securing the work.