2017 Apprentice Intake

Added 01.12.2017

Manthorpe are delighted to welcome Kiale McHenry and Curt Abbott as the latest recruits to embark on our engineering apprenticeship scheme.

It’s fourteen years since the Manthorpe apprenticeship scheme was introduced and in that time we have trained over thirty engineers. Our first intake was in 2003 and Luke Gillott and Mark Walker are still with us!

The new recruits will now spend the first seven months being given the very best in training at the purpose built Rolls-Royce Learning and Development Centre in Derby. Upon successful completion of their initial training, Kiale and Curt will return to Manthorpe to continue for the next three years “on the job” training within the engineering facilities.

In addition to this the apprentices attend college at Derby once a week eventually receiving their EAL Advanced Diploma in Engineering.

As an employer Manthorpe Engineering is committed to training young engineers in order to maintain our position as a world class manufacturing company. The continued success of the apprenticeship scheme means that each year’s new apprentices will have plenty of young colleagues who will offer support and encouragement over the coming years

We wish Kiale and Curt a long and happy career at Manthorpe

Thinking ahead to 2018

If you know of any year 11 students who are interested in an exciting career in engineering then please ask them to forward a letter of interest to the HR department.

We will be considering new recruits in the New Year.