Added 29.03.2021

Manthorpe Engineering have core expertise in the manufacture of engine casings for aerospace and gas turbine applications. Utilising our Vertical Turning and 5 axis Machining capability we have the ability to manufacture casings in a variety of materials from Aluminium through to Super alloys such as Waspaloy and C263. We produce both production parts and also specialise in working with customers on new, development casings where collaborative working is key.

Recent examples of this capability are shown through the two example parts below which were completed in Q1 2021.

Part of the Rolls-Royce UltraFAN demonstration engine, the HPT Case and CCOC really highlight our capability in the precision machining of complex components in difficult to machine alloys.

Manthorpe employ best practice during New Product Introduction, working with customers on DfM (design for manufacture) and utilising industry standard quality techniques to ensure all customer requirements are accounted for and achieved. This includes Measurement Systems Analysis to ensure the integrity of inspection results for the finished components.