Riverside Sculpture by Liz Lemon

Added 13.02.2017

Artist Liz Lemon approached Manthorpe with proposals for creating a fossil like structure intended as a public art piece for the Riverside Village in Chesterfield. The idea was conceived by fusing local Industrial Machinery with Natural Fossil forms found in the surrounding area. 

With the aid of advanced CAD modelling tools Manthorpe was able to transform Liz's vision into a reality. The complex organic form was divided into several segments to achieve a geometrical structure capable of being manufactured.

The sculpture was constructed by Manthorpe Engineering and assembled in several parts at the Riverside site in Chesterfield. The internal cavity houses an array of pulsating blue and green fibre optic lights which enhance its appearance at night.

The spiral form was formed from many sections of stainless steel sheet varying from 4mm down to 2mm gauge. Each porthole was constructed from perforated stainless steel sheet. 

The finished sculpture stands over 5 meters high and still remains today as a permanent landmark for the Riverside Village in Chesterfield. 

(Photography: Andrew Robinson)