Non-Destructive Testing

Our on-site NADCAP and Rolls-Royce accredited non-destructive testing capabilities and facilities include:

  • PCN Level 2 in Magnetic Particle Inspection (Electro-Magnetic Yoke).
  • PCN Level 2 in Liquid Penetration Inspection (Solvent Based Colour Contrast).
  • PCN level 2 Visual Weld Inspection.
  • Electrostatic Fluorescent Penetrant Process Line. 
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection - Auxiliary Bench (5,000 Amp - AC/FWDC/HWDC 1000mm between headstocks).
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection - Auxiliary Bench (5,000 Amp - AC/FWDC/HWDC) Toroidal and Split Knife.
  • Large Off-line Drying capability up to 250ºC. 
  • Hardness Testing (HRC). 
  • Techno-Wash AQT 1500 Semi Automatic.
  • RDM MAR243 Box Oven 4000 x 3000 x 2200mm Temperature Uniformity Surveyed.
  • Dedicated inspection bay, with a 2 tonne over head crane.

We use the Institute of Mechanical Engineers as our PCN level 3 cover.

Clean Room Facilities

We clean and pack to a wide range of requirements i.e from good commercial grade cleaning and packing through to both military and civil, nuclear primary plant packing requirements. 

 We offer cleaning and swabbing to verify specific ionic contamination levels for the control of fluorides, chlorides and sulphates.

Cleaning processes include:

  • Hot deionised water tank facilities.
  • Solvent wash processes.
  • Ferritic contamination control and inspection.

Controlled Environment BS EN ISO 14644-1.

We primary pack to DEF STAN 81-41 military packing levels P & N, to meet the requirements of short, medium and long term storage.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing up to a maximum of 300 Bar absolute.

Our hydrostatic pressure testing capability also meets the cleanliness requirements for Nuclear Reactor Plan components with the controls associated with water quality and elastomeric material compliance used for sealing.  

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